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Basketball Doc: Video: ESPN’s SportsCentury: Dr. J Julius Erving, The Doctor Runs Basketball House

November 22, 2014

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

If you think about Dr. J as the dunker and watch all of his dunking highlights and that is all you know about him from mostly a basketball pop or hip hop culture perspective, what you know about Julius Erving is probably only what you’ve seen about him on ESPN or YouTube. And you are even too dumb or too young and perhaps both to truly understand the greatness of Julius Erving. Julius wasn’t a great dunker, but a great basketball player who also happens to be perhaps the best dunker of all-time. But that was just part of Julius’s greatness.

The Doctor of Basketball was also a great defender and a great rebounder. Think about it, 6’6 or 6’7 small forward with thirty-thousand career points and ten-thousand rebounds. How many other small forward have done that, no one else. A great man-on-man defender who could stop his man, but always knew what else was going around him. How did he get all of those great breakaway dunks, by playing the passing lanes and picking off passes and exploding to the bucket for those great dunks. Or running the floor with someone else feeding him the ball.

The Philadelphia 76ers of the late 1970s and early 1980s were perfect for Dr. J. Because they were a great defensive team that scored a lot of their points by taking the ball away from the other team and running the floor. Which fit Julius perfectly because that is how he played. And then add Moses Malone to the picture in 1983 and now you have a great defensive and breakaway team that now has a dominant force in the middle on both offense and defense and the 76ers became complete.

Dr. J became a great team player in 1983 with Moses Malone, because now he had another great player around him and no longer needed to do everything for the 76ers to win. And could rely on Moses and make his other teammates better and use them as well and just play his great all around game on both offense and defense. And what you had as a result are the 1983 Philadelphia 76ers as simply one of the best pure teams of all-time with Julius leading the way. And we got to see how truly great a player Julius was and he and the 76ers got the rewards of his greatness.

The Doctor is in The House

The Doctor is in The House

USFL Forever: Video: ABC Sports: USFL 1983-Week 1-Chicago Blitz @ Washington Federals Full Game: The Washington Federals, a Capital Mistake

November 16, 2014

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal on Blogger

The old United States Football League even though they had a good product as far as their quality of talent and coaching with a lot of those people more than capable of succeeding in the NFL which a lot of them did like QB Jim Kelly, QB Steve Young, QB Doug Williams, QB Bobby Hebert. RB Hershel Walker, RB Mike Rozier, WR Rickey Sanders, DE Reggie White and many others. The USFL made two crucial mistakes early on.

Expanding way too fast. They had eighteen franchises in their three years, whereas the old American Football League finished out with ten franchises before they merged with the NFL in 1970 and the rest is history. But the USFL moved way too fast decided to compete with the NFL by 1985 their third season moving their games from the spring to the fall with the NFL and also expanding into NFL markets. Like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, Tampa, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Denver going head-to-head with these established franchises.

And the people in these markets weren’t going support teams they weren’t familiar with especially if they love their NFL team. So the USFL was invading NFL territory and got kicked out by the NFL and as a result went out of business even though they had a product that was good enough to keep them in business today. Because they had the money and ability to attract NFL caliber talent.

The Washington Federals are the perfect example of this, not only competing with the Redskins directly and play at their stadium RFK, but they were competing with when one of the best franchises in the NFL that had just won Super Bowl 17. And won back-to-back NFC Championships and were in contention to win another division, conference and Super Bowl Championship. I know this because I’m a football junky and of course a die-hard Redskin fan since 1982. And unfortunately got to see a few Federal games and not only were they competing with the Redskins for fan support and revenue.

But the Federals were lousy perhaps the worst team in the USFL for all three seasons. So you had one of the best teams in the NFL at the time in the Redskins, competing with one of the worst teams in the USFL the Federals. The Federals an expansion franchise in a brand new pro football league, going up against one of the best franchises in the NFL. In the best pro football league in the world, as well as one of the best pro sports leagues in the world in the same market. A very big market where there are plenty of other things to do, playing in the same stadium.

The Washington Federals represent exactly what was wrong with the USFL, with their ugly green and white uniforms looking more like the Philadelphia Eagles than a Washington sports franchise. And to top all of that off, being one of the worst teams in the league for all three seasons. And represent one reason why the USFL went out of business after just three years.

A Capital Mistake

A Capital Mistake

R. Smith: Video: ESPN 30 For 30: Without Bias, The Life of Len Bias

November 15, 2014

This post was originally posted at FRS Daily Journal on Blogger

I was ten years old in June 1986 in San Jose, California I believe at my uncle Stan’s house with aunt Susan. My dad took me and my two brothers out to the Bay Area to visit his side of the family, our grandparents, uncle Stan, aunt Susan and everybody. And sometime early that day one of my brothers runs in tells me that Len Bias had died. I started watching college basketball, the Maryland Terrapins and Georgetown Hoyas especially growing up in the Washington area starting in 1984 or 1985. I was a sports junky by the time I was 7-8 years old, so I already knew who Len Bias was, the best college basketball player in America.

A very bright person from a very good family playing for a great head coach in Lefty Drizell at Maryland at a great school. And Len Bias had just got drafted by the Boston Celtics the New York Yankees of the National Basketball Association and the defending NBA Finals Champions with arguably the best player in the league at the time and all-time in Larry Legend Bird. They had the best player in the NBA arguably who was the best player in 1986, this was Larry Bird at his best and most dominant.

And they had just drafted the best player in college basketball and a player that was very similar to Michael Jordan in skills and style of play. But Bias at this point of his career was better, he could play both forward Positions and play the off-guard and maybe point guard as well. Actually similar to Lebron James or even Earvin Magic Johnson as far as versatility and size. 6’8 220 all muscle best player in college basketball being drafted by the best team in the world, Len Bias was set for life.

If you’re the Boston Celtics, Red Auerbach and company in 1986, going into 1987 you’re thinking you’re the best club in pro basketball. You just made your club a lot better by drafting the best player in college basketball going into 1987. You draft Reggie Lewis in 1987, you still have Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Dennis Johnson. I mean Bill Walton is your backup center for crying out loud. If Big Red stays healthy maybe he’s the best center of all time, the only thing problem or lets call it and issue.

That’s head coach KC Jones has to face who was a great head coach and should be in the Hall of Fame. “Where do I play Len Bias”, because you already have the best front line in basketball with Bird, McHale, and Parish all three of them in the Hall of Fame by the way. “Where do I play Bias, is he my sixth man, do I use McHale as the sixth man again like in the early 1980s”.

Where should KC Jones play Bias, at the off- guard with Dennis Johnson what a problem to have. The 1987 Lakers were a great team and I believe the best ever, but imagine the 87 Celtics if Bias doesn’t die and Kevin McHale doesn’t break his foot then. Imagine the Celtics a few years later had Larry Bird not broken his foot in 1988 and missed the 89 season and Reggie Lewis not die in 1993.

The Celtics front line would’ve moved on anyway where Len Bias and Reggie Lewis had lived to play their whole careers or not, but they would’ve had 4-5 seasons with arguably the greatest front line in NBA history. And then throw in Brian Shaw as the point guard who took over for Dennis Johnson. Plus Kevin Gamble and Dee Brown off the bench, with Ed Pickney even after Bird, McHale and Parish you’re still talking about a great team, with Len Bias, Reggie Lewis and company. And maybe the Boston Celtics are the team of the 1990s or right there with the Chicago Bulls instead of becoming an annual lottery team in that decade.
Len Bias

Johnny Carson: Video: NBC’s The Tonight Show: George Carlin on Life in 1986

November 11, 2014

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

About being lazy, who hasn’t been lazy unless you are a workaholic, or a drug addict addicted to speed or something. We’ve all woken up in the morning feeling like we shouldn’t of woken up. “Why did I wake up feeling like this” and go back to bed and perhaps are real late for work. I know that has happened to me more times than I care to admit to. Actually I don’t even care to admit to that, so consider that a gift. And don’t bother trying to return that gift, because you’ll probably be charged for returning it, because nobody is going to want it.

Interesting to hear George Carlin say that he’s in good health except for his heart attack. Which is like a football team saying that al they did was lose fifteen games, but they did manage to win one. “Hey we aren’t completely imperfect, just mostly”. You get a heart attack and you’re one step away from death. And if that is not motivation enough to at least perhaps get you to change your lifestyle, nothing will. Maybe a suicidal person who is also an idiot at the same time and perhaps that is why they are suicidal and is so stupid, they even fail at killing themselves, wouldn’t understand that.

I liked Johnny Carson’s dumb question to George asking him ” did your heart attack scare you”? Well again unless you’re suicidal or have balls harder than concrete of course that would scare you! I mean what is the next question, “how did the heart attack make you feel?” Well again not to make this whole post about suicide, but of course you’ll feel scared about that and perhaps think you are going to die. If you’re suicidal you might be thinking “come on God, I’m ready to go!”.

Bad names for kids. Not a problem I have to worry about considering I don’t have kids and perhaps will never have kids (knock on wood). But for all you caring parents out there who care about your kids health and reputation and success in life, do your kids justice and give them a responsible name. Don’t name your son Leslie, unless you are want them to be gay or something. Give your son a real guys kind of name that commands respect. So you don’t have to worry about him getting beat up, or losing his lunch money. Same thing with girls, give them a real feminine, but don’t name them Buffy or something where they have to worry about bimbo jokes.

As far as dumb people, who would we have to make fun of if America was a country that mostly produced perfect people and other genius’? That is where humor comes from, from watching people screw up and a big part of being human is screwing up and experiencing things before we know what they mean, or how to react to them. That is how we learn in life. So eliminate the stupid people and you’ll see unemployment sore in America especially in Los Angeles with all the out-of-work comedians and other entertainers. Just a little look at life from a human-being.
George Carlin

Johnny Carson: Video: NBC’s The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: Elizabeth Taylor on Her Countless Marriages in 1991

November 10, 2014

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

I’m going to try to write this post without sounding like too much of an asshole, but no promises. Because I truly love, admire and have the utmost respect for The Great Elizabeth Taylor and that is exactly what she was. At least when she was healthy and sober and not starving poor countries because she couldn’t control her appetite. Or denying the rest of the world alcohol because she would drink anything with a smell of alcohol in it. Like I said, no promises.

But again when she was on her game, you were talking about a beautiful baby-face adorable brunette, no matter how old she was, who was funny enough to go toe-to-toe with the great comedian, The King of Late Night Johnny Carson. As you see in this video and when you lived the life that she did, which was exactly what she did, lived her life and didn’t just be alive trying to please others with how she lived, but she lived her life with many ups and downs because she took a lot of risks that came though for her and also backfired. And when you live like that, you leave yourself open for satire.

The only way Liz Taylor was the stereotypical actress, was with her personal life. That being such a great beautiful, adorable and funny actress I guess didn’t bring enough fame for her and how she lived her personal life if anything made her just as famous. Marrying so many men, that there were lonely women in Los Angeles, gorgeous sexy lonely women in Los Angles. And in a lot of cases married and why was that, because all of those men were with Liz at least at one time or the other.

Sober healthy Liz, I don’t think there is a better actress as far as delivery, personality, intelligence, sense of humor, wit, the women had it all and is better than anyone else. And then you add the facts that she was again a beautiful sexy baby-face brunette who was about as sexy as any great biker or rocker chick you may ever see, as you see in this video in her late fifties and she was the definition of total package when it came to actress’s. But when she wasn’t sober and unhealthy, meaning overweight if not obese, you’re talking about a punching bag for comedians. What a life.

Hollywood Goddess

Hollywood Goddess

Johnny Carson: Video: NBC’s The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: Joan Rivers on Age and Wisdom From 1986

November 9, 2014

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

This is going to sound like an obvious statement to anyone lets say under thirty-five or so, but Joan Rivers is right. Wisdom does come with age and for people to get wisdom they simply have to be around and experience things and learn from those experiences to achieve it. Which is why I get so tired of hearing Y Generation people always putting down things simply because they have been around for a while or as old as yesterday. They are the everything is now generation and to hell with anything that happened when they were kids or hadn’t been born yet.

Now that’s it, I’m tired of being serious and if I go down that road too much longer, I’m going to fall asleep at the computer, but I just wanted to get that off my chest. As far as skinny women vs. curvy women. For you football fans out there, that would be like asking me which team would I rather have, the 17-0 1972 Miami Dolphins, or the 0-14 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Do you want to win, or lose, you want a women with a body or someone who gets knocked to the ground every time there’s a light breeze in the air.

As far as bimbos. I believe bimbos actually serve as a useful purpose. Not that I would want a whole football team of bimbos. Not even the cheerleading squad, because you would still need cheerleaders who are smart enough to do the cheers. Cheerleading is not just sexy curvy women swinging their legs in the air. It requires some degree of intelligence like being able to follow instructions. But what bimbos do, is give smart people, people to make fun of. And parents to tell their kids, “hey Sally, that is not what you want to be in life. Get your education and everything else”.

As far as guys checking out women. There’s a way to do it like a man and the way to do it like you’ve been locked up solitary confinement for twenty-years straight and never saw a women in person, or on TV, or heard one on the radio, or saw one in the magazine, no females came to visit you in the joint, even your mother. All of the prison staff are men and they are all straight by the way. The guy just getting out of long-term isolation drops the quarter in front of the sexy women to get her to lean over and pick it up. The man enjoys the view and what it in front of him and doesn’t do anything obvious at least before they exchange eye-contact and then they take it from there.

Joan Rivers was great on Johnny Carson and one thing I loved about her routine, was that she was real and didn’t do anything that wasn’t Joan. She knew who she was and where she came from and was damn proud of that and the fact that she also had a great sense of humor and the ability to communicate in a hysterical way about what she saw in life and learned from it and express the weakness’ of others in a humorous constructive way, just makes her that much better. She wasn’t a bitch, but some who critiqued in a way that could make people better and teach others.

An American Original

An American Original

Johnny Carson: Video: NBC’s The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson: Card Tricks With Angie Dickenson in 1981

November 8, 2014

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

Angie Dickenson still as cute as a baby in her late forties talking to Johnny Carson in 1981 on The Tonight Show. Talking about cards and stunts. Cards is obviously a very popular activity in Los Angeles and that just didn’t start with poker revolution or whatever from 10-15 years ago in Hollywood. But that has been around probably as long as Los Angeles has been the entertainment capital of America. Going back to the 1930s or even longer. Which is one reason why entertainers love going to Las Vegas.

And Johnny Carson of course was well-known for doing card tricks. Which he did quite frequently on The Tonight Show that was one his most popular skits on the show. So they obviously had some things to talk about besides. “Hey Angie, how have you been able to stay so adorable and gorgeous as the same time all of these years?” With Angie answering “well I eat right, work out, get my sleep and besides I’m filthy rich, ever after the divorces. And I can afford plastic surgery whenever I feel I need it”. Actually she was naturally baby-face adorable and gorgeous. But the card routine saved them from some cheesy dialogue.
Angie Dickenson


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